Sekou Smith Asks, Who is Your Most Improved Player of the Season?

Ersan Ilyasova looks the MIP of the season as Sekou Smith and David Aldridge indicate. New York City Guys and Chinese Boys look spamming the poll by putting Jeremy Lin to the top who is in the status of injured and previously unknown. They must be unaware of the essentials of choosing a most improved player. However, most of the basketball fans are in the right direction. Ersan Ilyasova has an overwhelming boost in his stats and efficiency. He almost doubled his shooting efficiency, his rebounding, his points in a team that consist of the league’s most selfish starting guards. Manta Ellis and Brandon Jennings conduct 50% of the team’s shooting whole season and they overall make less assist than a single average guard. Ersan Ilyasova made these stats among these guys.

If you just have a look at tonight’s stat’s you can see what Ersan Ilyasova is creating. Ellis and Jennings, the guards of Bucks, made 37 of a total of 78 shooting attempts of Milwaukee Bucks. These guards have total 10 assists for tonight’s game as it’s not special for only tonight. And Ilyasova grabbed 19 points from this game in 10 shots as well as 15 rebounds. Ilyasova is improving his game in this habitat…

What has Ilyasova achieved this year?

  • He averaged 12 points and 8 rebounds in 27 minutes (Only a few Hall of Famers had reached those stats)
  • Improved his shooting overwhelmingly to .490 from the field, .457 beyond the arch, .795 from free-throw line
  • He is in the 3rd place in 3 point shooting percentage, 11th in 2 point shooting percentage
  • He had a gigantic 25 rebounds and 29 points night. Other guys that reached these stats were the guys who are considered to be season MVP’s.

What Ryan Anderson did this year?

  • He acquired my sympathy and respect
  • He really improved his game
  • He played with Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu, masters of pick and roll plays
  • He found great chances to boost his shooting while Dwight Howard dominated under the rim and created great space for outside shooters
  • He played with a point forward and a point guard in the whole season

What Jeremy Lin did this year?

  • He really made great performances
  • Played in New York Knicks which has great basketball enthusiasts that are automatically ready to vote for anything related New York Knicks
  • The ball was in his hands
  • He was fed by the support of the guys who voted “retired” Yao Ming as All-Star starter
  • And so on…

We can also put Andrew Bynum and James Harden to this poll to consider. But I don’t think their performance is an improvement. They were already doing these performances in last season. Bynum was slowly coming to the scene as Pau Gasol was fading by the middle of the last season. We can also not forget Harden’s gigantic play off performance while we have a look last season. | Hang Time Blog

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ll get back to our MVP debate later this week.

While we wait to decide between LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant for the top award, today we get an early look at the frontrunners for the Most Improved Player award.

Our West Coast bureau chief Scott Howard-Cooper weighs in today with something of a surprise pick in Jeremy Lin of the Knicks. And he overlooks the fact that Lin played just 53 percent of the Knicks’ game this season and instead focuses on the impact Lin had and the seismic rise in production for the undrafted Lin from his rookie season to this one.

H-C makes the case:

Twenty-seven games, 25 starts, 17.9 points, 7.4 assists and 44.5 percent shooting in 33.1 minutes. The season-long numbers: 35 games, 25 starts, 14.6 points, 6.2 assists, 44.6 percent shooting and 26.9 minutes.

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